Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Ice cake "scramble"

Let me introduce you to a new Bay of Fundy winter sport: ice cake scrambling. This involves climbing small ice bergs deposited in the intertidal zone (beach) after the tide recedes. The tricky bit is that some may dissolve beneath you as you clamber up and over over.

Since I first observed the early ice sheets forming in January they've really picked up some oomph and chunked up into mini-icebergs. I'm sure they are a severe navigation factor but I do find them interesting explore at least when they drop on land. This morning I gave up my dog walk and opted for ice cake scrambling instead. (Belle enjoyed the climbing too!)

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Is ice cake scrambling the same as 'squishing clampers", only done on the safety of the shore?

Sounds like fun to me, although I'm too clumsy for such antics....

cheers, jodi on the other side of the Bay