Friday, May 04, 2007

Kayaking the Bay of Fundy - across the whole bay!

I love kayaking the coast of the Bay of Fundy but I have to admit it's never crossed my mind to kayak across it. I just heard about a fellow, Christopher Lockyer, who is in full training for a Labour Day crossing across the Bay from Saint John, NB, to Digby, NS. He'll be doing the trip to raise money for cancer.

Chris is calling the fundraiser “Kayak for Kenyon” after family friend John Kenyon who was diagnosed with Leukemia last fall and cancer this winter.

Chris is sea kayak instructor with Paddle Canada and the British Canoe Union, an Outward Bound instructor and professional guide. “This is not about personal enjoyment. That always used to be the reason I kayaked,” says Lockyer. “Now I’m paddling for a purpose.”

For more information about Chris, his training and his journey, visit his website.

The trip from Saint John to Digby is 70 km and he estimates it will take him all day on some of the most turbulent ocean water in the world. Lockyer will start from Saint John at the end of the ebb tide and hopes to reach the bandstand by the Digby Information Centre around nightfall on Sept. 3, 2007.

It will be an incredible trip for a really good cause ~ best wishes for a safe trip, Chris!


Michael Chesley Johnson, Artist / Writer said...

Hi...Just came across your site. How wonderful to find something like this! I'm on the Bay of Fundy, too -- Campobello Island. My blog is

Terri said...

Hi Michael:
Always great to meet another Bay resident. Your plein air artwork is wonderful - thanks for sending along your blog address.
Keep in touch!

Anonymous said...

hey this is christopher lockyer I did the corssign this year. All the details can be found on my site

thanks for the note on your page