Saturday, December 01, 2007

Bay of Fundy quilted lighthouse

As I've mentioned in previous posts, the Bay of Fundy continues to inspire all kinds of creativity among its artsier residents and visitors. The ocean floor endlessly fascinates photographers, our sea creatures inspire potters, wind and waves inspire authors, and cliffscapes inspire painters.

I just came across a quilter whose recent visit to our region resulted in this fabulous quilted lighthouse "post card". Featured here is West Quoddy Lighthouse, located on the easternmost point of the USA, near Lubec, Maine....technically at the very opening of the Bay of Fundy. Here's a note from the artist:

I absolutely fell in love with Maine when I made a trip up there in October. I am determined to go again. 10 days just wasn't enough but it was a great overview. I cried all the way from Lubec to Bangor- no kidding. I hated to leave. It's a powerful place.

So... about the postcards. They are what they say they are. postcards. They measure
4"x6" and you can pop them in the mail and send them on their merry way with a first class stamp. No kidding. They are made entirely of fiber(fabric) and are considered "fiber art." Thanks for your interest! ~ Nines

Nines is located in Indiana, USA...visit her Praire Quilts blog.

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