Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Nice big CAT!

I've certainly done several posts that include my Fundy dog, Belle, but I've yet to mention even one Bay of Fundy cat, not even our huge catamaran fast ferry: The Cat. This gorgeous 6-year old vessel travels between Portland, Maine or Bar Harbor, Maine and Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. This is a fun trip - I've done it many times - but now is even more alluring because of higher gas prices in both Canada & the U.S.

The ship can hold up to 900 passengers and 250 cars but it scoots along smoothly at about 36 knots. The Cat runs seasonally from May 30 to mid-October. The trip from Portland to Yarmouth is 3 hrs; the trip from Bar Harbor to Yarmouth is 5.5 hours.

It makes a nice trip to come up from Maine on the ferry, loop around Bay of Fundy through Nova Scotia & New Brunswick, then pop back over the land border at St Stephen, NB - Calais, Maine.


Anonymous said...

Can you tell me Terri, how long is the drive from Yarmouth to Parrsboro?
We normally drive 12-13 hours from Pelham, NH to Parrsboro. Have always thought about taking the Cat,but wondered about the drive to Parrsboro.

Terri said...

Hi Sally - it's about 5 hrs from Yarmouth to Parrsboro. Should take less time for you to take the ferry and drive up thru NS - also you get the pretty boat trip too....