Monday, December 08, 2008

Fundy-themed gift idea

It seems that everyone (including gas stations and cell phone services) is in the business of proffering Christmas gift ideas so I though I'd get in the game. In addition recommending that you support our many potters, weavers, painters, jewelry makers, etc. around the Bay of Fundy, there are also many writers whose books might interest you.

Here's a delightful one just released in time for Christmas:
A Maritime Christmas: New Stories & Memories of the Season.

It's a fun collection of maritime-themed stories edited by well-known folklorist, Clary Croft, and published by the always fabulous regional book company: Nimbus.

I picked up this book for a family member (who shall remain nameless...shhhh, it's a secret) on the weekend and took it for a little test drive. My favourite story is the one by Chris Mills. In When Santa Came to Gannet Rock, Chris tells of the season he and a co-worker were stuck in a Bay of Fundy lighthouse. They use their radio to help steer Santa toward Gannet Rock while local children listened in. The kids get involved by calling in with messages of encouragement for Santa...too cute!

For other Fundy-themed book ideas, check the Books & Poetry tab.

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Jan said...

Hi Terri, I came over here by way of Nancy's blog. When I saw the Bay of Fundy title, I just had to check it out. I'm not originally from Maine, but my husband is. My family lived in the Portland area (Cape Elizabeth) while I was in HS. We took an overnight 'cruise' to Nova Scotia one weekend on the Prince Of Fundy! I live in VA now, but your blog reminded me of that fun trip with my family! Merry Christmas to you! Jan/ThanksFor2Day