Friday, September 17, 2010

Living on a postcard

There are spendid days during my travels around our region when the light is just right, when the perspective is perfect, when it feels like I'm living on a Bay of Fundy postcard. Today was one of those awesome days.

For locals on Campobello Island this is the every-day ho-hum view of their famed East Quoddy Light (a.k.a. Head Harbour Lightstation). It's quite possibly the most photographed lighthouse in the Bay of Fundy: visible from the island as well as from the ocean during trips with whale watch companies (which is when I took this photo).

I'm on Campobello Island for a few days filming one of our Bay of Fundy Travel Show episodes
and, if my first few hours here are any indication, there will be many more picture-postcard moments....!


Mike Kaiser said...

Terri, you picked a gorgeous day today (Saturday), so there will no excuses for not getting more postcard shots. :)

If you find yourself in a boat, just pop over to Casco Bay Island (just off the East Quoddy Light) and I'll give you a tour.


Shelley said...

You have got to just love our coast-line don't you? We marvel at the constant change, the height of the waves, the sound of a storm as it echoes from the cliffs.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful info & links!

Enjoy - it's wonderful over there.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome blog, Terri. I stumbled on it looking for some photos for my blog. My pix of Bay of Fundy are not digital, but are from the '60s. I was looking for a picture like of Hopewell Rocks with one of those tide clocks in it and then a picture when the tide was in. No luck so far except copyrighted and I don't steal. We had so much fun up your way as kids, but I have kind of a humorous story on my blog that mentions the Bay of Fundy. If you want to check it out, it's at I'm hoping to get my kids up there one day. I keep telling them about it. - Cathy