Friday, February 02, 2007

Taking action against LNG

I've had several emails from Bay of Fundy folks wondering what they can do to voice their concerns about the LNG proposal. One of the best things we can do is sign the new petition that urges the Canadian government to declare the effected area an "Emergency Marine Protected Area".

A vital Canadian resource can be protected with an Emergency MPA. Existing social assets such as traditional fishing, tourism, aquaculture, etc. are maintained by this process. New industrial developments , however, would be forestalled until it is shown that they will not negatively impact the existing natural and social environments. This could be just the way to end LNG's move up the coast!

If you'd like more info on other citizen initiatives regarding this project, check out the website Or if you'd like to know more about possible effects on Fundy whales, see my November whale post or visit my colleague Art's Bay of Fundy whale blog.

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