Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Prince Henry was here...or was he?

Bay of Fundy legend has it that, in 1398, Prince Henry Sinclair, Earl of the Orkney Islands (Scotland) became the first European to visit the 'new world'. This is about a hundred years before other, more famous explorers: John Cabot in 1494 and Christopher Columbus in 1492/98. The owner of the little cottage at Partridge Island had a bit of fun crafting a cairn to Prince Henry, equipt with a celtic cross and all!


Anonymous said...

There is a very old graveyard on the north side of West Bay Rd shortly after the Ottawa House as one proceeds westward. Do you know any details about this graveyard?


Paul Nicholas

Terri said...

Hi Paul - yes there is still a cairn in that location, I thought to mark the site of the old Partridge Island school but perhaps it was a graveyard. It is about 50 m past the second entrance to the Ottawa House Museum. Museum phone # 902-254-2376. The folks at the museum would know, I'm sure. There is another very old grave yard in West Bay itself though.