Sunday, May 31, 2009

At Last... A Bay of Fundy Limerick!

I've gotten used to seeing the Bay of Fundy used as a metaphor for predictability ("as regular as the Bay of Fundy tides") or for massive change ("the difference between them was like the difference between high and low tides on the Bay of Fundy") but I rarely see Fundy used in poetry. It, just doesn't really rhyme with much or so I thought until I came across this clever limerick:

A man loved a gal named Bundy
Who came from the Bay of Fundy.
But to his despair,
She gave him the air

Sic transit gloria mundi

No author indicated but it's 'poem of the day' on
(In case you're not up on your Latin, the last line means something like "so passes the glory of the world" - poor fella!)

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