Sunday, May 24, 2009

What are fiddleheads, really?

I've done several posts on Bay of Fundy's Twitter about fiddleheads this week and my followers over there seem to be somewhat surprised that we eat ferns....ah, but we do! Fiddleheads are the curled early starts of ferns (I believe those we eat around Fundy are Ostrich ferns).

Yes, it's true they are semi-poisonous if eaten uncooked but are tasty, safe & nutritious when steamed or boiled. The adventuresome among us actually traipse around the forest scavenging for fiddleheads, but the rest of us usually buy them in a grocery store, such as pictured here. They're only available fresh for a few weeks before the ferns shoot up. Nice while they last! (Check out some of my fiddlehead recipes)

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Gretchen McCulloch said...

Apparently this year was also a good year for fiddleheads in Eastern Ontario, I found some at a farmers' market there, and was told that they were atypically abundant this year, although I'm afraid they're gone by now.