Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bay of Fundy play reading in Texas

I've been blogging the Bay of Fundy for about a year & a half now and here's a random observation I'd like to share: of my U.S.A. readers, there are more from Texas than all but two other American states (only Maine & Massachusetts - our neighbouring states - rank higher). This causes me to ponder: are Texans somehow predisposed to be intrigued by the Bay of Fundy? Is the Bay of Fundy also studied in high school science texts there - the way it is in Europe & Russia? Maybe a whole bunch of former Bay of Fundy residents retired to Texas and are trying to keep in touch with the homeland?

Well here's a special announcement for my Texan friends in the blogosphere: I'm pleased to let you know about a Bay of Fundy presentation happening tomorrow night in your neighbourhood - well, if you live in Austin, that is. Playwright, Sherry Kramer, is presenting a reading of her newest work "The Bay of Fundy" at 7:30 pm at the James A. Michener Center for Writers at the University of Texas, Avaya Auditorium, ACES building, 24th Street and Speedway. Admission is free.

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