Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Amazed (again) by Fundy geology

Although I make a point of checking out Fundy's various geology exhibits, such as those at the New Brunswick Museum, Hopewell Rocks, Fundy Geological Museum and Joggins Fossil Cliffs, there is really nothing quite like taking a guided interpretive hike along the beach at low tide tagging along with someone who knows what they're seeing!

Last week, a visit from an Outpost Adventure Magazine travel writer gave me a great excuse to take a few hours away from the office to take in a Fundy Geological Museum Field Trip with its curator.

We took an awe inspiring walk on the ocean floor alongside about 350 million years of towering basalt and smooth sandstone cliffs. It reminded me that the Bay of Fundy's geological tale is vast; it's about dividing continents, glacial deposits, rift valleys, reefs, tropical sea, desert sands and volcanic flows. Indeed, it's the tale of the Bay of Fundy then and now.

These museum field trips take in various sections of coast around Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, on a regular schedule throughout June, July & August; otherwise for group and school bookings. By the way, such tours are also a very safe way to explore our tidal coast.

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