Thursday, June 19, 2008

Whale watching season has begun

We're fortunate to have various whale watch tour companies in the Bay of Fundy. All the folks operate in the "Fundy Aquarium" ecozone off the coasts of Digby Neck, Long & Brier Islands (in Nova Scotia) and St Andrews & the Fundy Isles - Grand Manan, Deer & Campobello Islands (in New Brunswick).

Now, I have to caution you: this isn't Seaworld we're talking about here...our whales move around a wide radius at the wide mouth of the bay and can't be "called with a whistle". Still, being on the water and being part of the search for whales here, in their summer migratory feeding ground, is part of the adventure! Our whale watch companies (who also, by the way, follow a strict whale watching Code of Ethics) are quite adept at locating the areas where Fundy's upwelling tidal currents stir up lotsa good whale food. Where there is whale food there are whales!

The first reported whale sightings happened this week: some finbacks & humpbacks. Check out a couple of the whale watch blogs to get the scoop: Brier Island Whale Watch (NS) and Quoddy Link Marine (NB). This is a photo of a humpback's fluke (tail). Our humpbacks are named by our whale researchers and are completely identifiable by their tail markings: this one's name is Moustache.

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