Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fundy's freezing fog

Living on the coast the way we do - especially with the influence of winds and tides - you won't be surprised to learn that we experience a variety of interesting weather phenomena. Winter weather highlights include: ice-glazed mud, cascading fog, ice pebbles and ice cakes.

My friend, Ryan, from Annapolis just sent me a photo of the Annapolis lighthouse surrounded by something we call "freezing fog or freezing mist". Crystals of frost formulate in what appears to be foggy air but then cling to everything they touch. It's probably the same concept as hoar frost but it kind of floats through the air. Anyway, I love the stuff - we don't see it that often but when we do it's fresh and magical.

P.S. Check out Ryan's Annapolis Royal Heritage blog!

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