Saturday, January 31, 2009

Let us consider the jellyfish

I'm not much of a swimmer so I've never quite taken a fancy to scuba diving but I've always been fascinated by 'life below the surface', especially here in Bay of Fundy. Perhaps that explains why I love walking on the ocean floor at low tide, but, alas, that's cheating because there are many creatures - like the jellyfish - that are truly at their best while floating, not while flumped on the beach at low tide.

There is an awesome floor-to-ceiling blacklit jellyfish tank at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta that absolutely took my breath away this week. My photo here certainly does not do it justice. Seeing these jellyfish made me recall the first time I'd seen Scott Leslie's undersea photos of the Bay of Fundy: they took my breath away. I've never looked at Fundy's surface without a memory flash of what's below.

Take a look elsewhere on my blog or on Scott's website for more of these haunting images.

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