Thursday, July 09, 2009

That's the way to eat lobster

There are lots of great roadside fish markets around the Bay of Fundy and, if you're lucky, you can even buy lobster fresh off the wharf. The Fundy town of Alma, New Brunswick, probably wins the prize though - they've got three really nice waterfront fish markets. No fresher way to serve the over 200,000 annual visitors to nearby Fundy National Park.

In my travels to Alma this week, I popped in to Butland's Seafood Market to grab a lobster for lunch. The one great thing about a lobster market is that your lobster is guaranteed to be cooked to perfection, and this one was! It's served on newsprint in a cardboard box with little tubs of coleslaw and potato salad on the side. I grabbed mine and ate half of it while driving (not generally recommended!) to nearby Cape Enrage Lighthouse. Yum!

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joan said...

Hi Terri. I was happy to find your blog. My daughter asked if next summer, instead of our beach vacations to Michigan or South Carolina, if we could go see the tides in New Brunswick. We thought, sure, why not. I see you recommend some interesting places to eat, but can you suggest somewhere to stay? I was thinking of St. John's in the center of town for a few days, and maybe Campobello Island for a couple of days. As you are resident of the area, can you suggest something else, better? I very much enjoyed what I saw on your blog. Thanks, Joan