Saturday, February 06, 2010

iPad launch & new7wonders connection

If you like to keep up with techie news, you probably watched Apple's iPad launch last week. Imagine my delight when Phil Schiller, Senior VP of Worldwide Produt Marketing, started to demonstrate the iPad's 'Keynote' function and used the global New7Wonders campaign images to do this!

The Bay of Fundy, as you likely know, is competing in an international campaign to declare the New7Wonders of Nature. We are Canada's only site in the campaign and, now, one of only 28 worldwide finalists. You can support Bay of Fundy by voting here or joining our Facebook "Fundy for New7Wonders of Nature" fan page or by following us on Twitter.

What great exposure for the New7Wonders concept to be included in the iPad's launch.
(Keynote, by the way, is the Mac version of PowerPoint)

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Unknown said...

Hey Terri,

Great way to bring attention to both the iPad and the New7Wonders Campaign. You are always finding great connections and your writing is terrific.

Just a slight terminology quibble..."Keynote is not the Mac version of PowerPoint." Keynote is a presentation software program produced by Apple that is more versatile, powerful, and infinitely more stable in accepting high def video, and stills than MS PowerPoint (we'll see what PowerPoint in MS Office 2010 is like).

The presenter screen in Keynote on the Apple laptop enables the person giving the presentation to have a full complement of cue comments, timer, and slide sequence in front of them while projecting only the slide at hand for viewers.

The fact that the iPad brings Keynote as well as "the Internet in your hands" together is remarkable. Let the 7 Wonders bring the Bay of Fundy into our hands and be a Canadian keynote attraction forever!