Monday, February 01, 2010

"The Seacaptain's Wife" ~ new Bay of Fundy book

Anyone growing up in Bay of Fundy ship building communities commonly heard stories of folks who spent their early years traveling the world on ships built and captained from our shores. Indeed, it's well-known that not only men voyaged on these vessels but also their wives, sisters and children.

The women's side of the seafaring story is rarely fictionalized which is why I'm very excited to read Beth Powning's new book The Sea Captain's Wife. Here's an excerpt of a review in the Chroncle Herald:

Epic in its emotional intensity, The Sea Captain’s Wife charts both the inner and outer worlds of the young protagonist; her longing to sail, her romance and marriage to Capt. Nathaniel Bradstock, her resignation to life on land, the scandal that forces the couple to flee with their child to London, and the hardships encountered during the ocean voyage that takes them there.

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Desperate Housewife said...

I read that, and enjoyed it very much! Beth Powning is a wonderful author.

Mitsy#9 said...

I am going to have to get this book.
I have read many letters that my Great Grandparents wrote back & forth to each other.
He was a Master Mariner who sailed to so many interesting places. I love the stories.
Sounds like a very good read.
Thanks for bringing it to my attention !!