Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fundy Whale Car sightings

View Fundy Whale Car Adventures in a larger map Folks who visit our bay are often quite keen to claim they've sighted a whale during their holiday. Well now, with a bit of a watchful eye, they may also be able to claim 'whale CAR sightings' too....we've been having fun introducing our new Whale Car to many people around Bay of Fundy.

I've snapped photos wherever the Whale Car has been since it's June 5 launch so we have an ever-growing collection of quirky 'sightings' to share. Here's the Google Map we've created (which is also embeded on the Whale Car's website).

If you happen to see the Whale Car yourself & you take a pic, please feel free to email it to me ( so I can put it on the map or post it yourself to the car's facebook page!


Woolsey said...

Hey Terri,
A lot of people out here in BC don't even know about he magnificent BoF tides! Let's get the whale care running on bio-diesel and bring it across the continent!

Terri said...

great idea...i'd LOVE to send a 'pod' of Bay of Fundy whale cars all across the country...!