Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bay of Fundy video

Yesterday I had an email from a traveller looking for a comprehensive video of the Bay of Fundy to share with his friends back home. This is the first video that came to mind - I know it is still available to purchase on line....

Where The Bay Becomes The Sea (29:27 minutes)
Produced by the National Film Board of Canada. Still available to order on line, link to location on NFB website.

The richness, complexity and fragility of marine life unfold like a Persian carpet in this beautiful film. The bay of the title is the Bay of Fundy, and where it meets the sea a unique ecosystem has developed. The film traces the intricate interrelationships within the food chain, from tiny plankton, through birds and seals, and finally to whales and humans. More than just a visual feast, the film is a plea for careful management of our ocean resources. First telecast as part of the
Nature of Things series.

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Vermont Valley and Fiber Crafts said...

love ths blog... thanks for having it. Can you tell me if you know the video "The Living Tides of Fundy". I have it and it is not working. I think it was produced by the New Brunswick Tour board, got it years and years ago. Would like to have it in DVD. Any ideas?
carolyn boardman