Sunday, October 08, 2006

Tide in...tide out!

Around the Bay of Fundy there are hundreds of interesting places to "see the tides". However, visitors often mistakenly expect to capture Fundy's extreme tidal range during a single trip to the beach.

As any local can tell you, the tides are best seen at low tide and then again (6 hrs, 13 min) later at high tide...but at the same location. These photos are good example of the high/low extremes. But if you'd gone to the beach during high tide only you may not have been terribly impressed - just looks like any pretty cove. It is the difference between high and low that really blows your mind!

These pics were taken by U.S. travel writer, David Rosenthal, when I hosted David and Donna (also a travel writer) here in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, this summer. Thanks to David for permission to post 'em!

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