Friday, November 24, 2006

High/low tide aerial photos

I was digging around in my photo archives this afternoon (a.k.a. cleaning my office) and came across these rarely seen aerial photos of the tide in and tide out at Hopewell Rocks on the New Brunswick side of the bay. Another perspective of the tidal 'scene' in the bay with the awesome tides!

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Bill Belliveau said...

Hi Terri - I liked your blog and was raised on the Bay of Fundy tributary above the Rocks, when oil vessels still rode the tide up past 5 Fathoms to Moncton. I would like to invite you to place your blog on our Local Perspectives blog promotional area on for New Brunswick. Loved those photos of Hopewell Rocks - great shots that make a dramatic statement. Thought you might be interested in the most recent posting to my blog on talking about a winery in Waterside, near Alma. David Jonah