Saturday, November 25, 2006

Strange uses for Bay of Fundy lighthouses

I've heard of people having their weddings at lighthouses, etc., but today heard of something even more fun (okay, so I'm a car nut!): Cape d'Or Lighthouse and approaching cliffside roads being used for 2007 truck road tests by General Motors - no kidding!

Here's a taste of Lesley Wimbush's road test commentary...(photos also by Lesley).

We're high above the point where the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia runs into the Minas channel and yet, the clifftops of Cape D'or tower over us. Winding down and around the jagged cliffs and thick forest, a rough road resembling a logging trail ends at a ledge that juts out into the Bay. Perched on this ledge, the Lighthouse of Cape D'or overlooks the hauntingly remote panorama of the Fundy shoreline.

Our arrival at the lighthouse turned bed and breakfast was a scheduled lunch stop on a two-day driving program - a Canadian press launch for General Motors new Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickup trucks. Our journey had begun in New Brunswick, with photo stops at the fossil strewn shoreline of Joggins, where fishing boats were left stranded by the receding tide.
We'd reached our rest stop via the harrowing forest road, bordered only by a battered guardrail. Parking our trucks and making our way to the edge of the cliff, more than one person remarked that it could just be the end of the earth....

To read more, take a look at Lesley's full posting (Nov. 24) on!

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