Friday, January 04, 2008

Watch A Mussel Grow Webcam

OK, this is really cool. The folks at FlexMussels in our neighbouring province of Prince Edward Island have a great website feature: a web cam that follows the growth of, ahem, a blue mussel. Since we also harvest mussels around the Bay of Fundy, I thought I'd make an exception to my unofficial all-things-Bay-of-Fundy blog rule and give you a chance to take a look at the little fella, here's the web cam link. Remember: patience is a virtue...

You may know by know that I'm a huge mussel fan. I see a foodie trip to PEI in my future... Check out some of my previous recipe posts: Mussels with Ginger Pesto, Blue Cheese Mussels, Green Thai Curry Mussels, Spiced Beer Mussels and Mussels Panagea.

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Anonymous said...

Love this article! On the web cam page, the comment "Please do not tap on the glass." made me laugh out loud! Thanks for flexing your blog mussels enough to be willing to write about a neighbouring province. PEI or not, this is a super find. Thanks for bringing it to your readers' attention.

All the best,