Saturday, November 01, 2008

A poem from Fables of Fundy

A friend of mine recently discovered this fine little book of poetry in the 'free' bin at a garage sale - imagine! It's entitled: Funny Fables of Fundy & Other Poems For Children, written and illustrated by Grace Helen Mowat, published in 1928. Ms Mowat appears to have been from the Fundy city, Saint John, New Brunswick. Here's a sample poem...from a kindred spirit!

The Bay of Fundy

I like the Bay of Fundy,
Where the tides creep up the strand,
With driftwood for the fire,
And rockweed for the land.
From Yarmouth to Chignecto, around and back again,
They reach the Quoddy Islands and wash the shores of Maine.

I like the Bay of Fundy,
Where sandstone Islands wait
The rosy kiss of sunset,
Beside the western gate.
And up the inland rivers, that seek the Fundy tides
A pleasant land of apple trees and happy homes abides.

I like the Bay of Fundy -
For when the tide is out,
So many wonders of the deep
Are scattered all about.
Oh, happy Bay of Fundy; for there for evermore
Children find their fairy lands beside its lovely shore!


Leanne said...

what a marvelous find Terri! and a beautiful poem...thanks for sharing.

Terri said...

Just received this note from my friend Susan in St Andrews who 'places' Grace Helen Mowatt for us...

Hi Terri,
Just wanted to mention that Grace Helen Mowatt was from St Andrews. As a matter of fact she began the' Cottage Craft Woollens store in town .
She wrote a few books, the well known one (around here) being 'The Diverting History of a Loyalist Town'. That book is still available in town.
Mowatt Drive by the Tim Horton's is probably named after her.
Hope you are enjoying the fall and are ready for the winter.