Friday, November 21, 2008

The start of our storybook winter?

One of the things I really like about living here is our four 'story book' seasons: spring's buds & blooms, summer's warmth and verdant greens, fall's flash of leaf colours, and winter's white.

It's actually quite early to have snow here on the Bay of Fundy (most of the time we just squeek in our first snowfall a couple days before Christmas) but we had a freak snow storm yesterday!

It was the big fluffy snow - my favourite! that burdens trees and neutralizes the forest into a black & white. Here's photo taken from my car window. Sadly, this morning it all seems to be melting away....well, nice while it lasted!

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Unknown said...

Hi Terry,
Yes, the snow caught most of us unprepared. At least it has warmed up!!

Are you going to the X-mas doings in Parrsboro? We can't make it this year, unfortunately--boyfriend is working. We so look forward to our Christmases in Parrsboro with all the friendly people.