Monday, November 03, 2008

Fundy dulse harvest makes national news

Well, it must have been a slow news day in Toronto last week - Fundy dulse pickers got a nice spread in the Globe & Mail, Canada's national newspaper - right on! It's actually a brilliant article about one of Fundy's best known dulsing grounds: Dark Harbour on Grand Manan Island.

Although I've previously mentioned hand harvesting dulse as a bit of a hobby, the commercial harvest of dulse is anything but leisurely and glamorous!!

Tory Zimmerman's article is accompanied by a great short video/still documentary that really gives a sense of this lifestyle fishery - a window into one of our many Fundy worlds.

Blog photo credit: Laurie Murison, Grand Manan Whale Research site.


Anonymous said...

oooooooooo I can taste it now!!
We have no dulse here in NH : (
Actually we do, in these little health food stores, $6.00 for just a tiny bite and it's just not the same.....Cape D'or dulse is so tasty!

Mitsy#9 said...

I LOVE Dulse !!
My husband cooks it on the stove until it is greenish & crispy.
I love to pick it, dry it on the rocks & eat as soon as it is dry. OK sometimes I don't even wait until it is completly dries :0)