Thursday, February 12, 2009

In-Flight Safety records CD on Fundy coast

Despite the reference to 'flight' in this post's title, neither is this post about's actually about the band, In-Flight Safety. They just released their new CD We Are An Empire, My Dear, at an event in Halifax. What's interesting is that the CD was produced while the band was holed up in a historic Bay of Fundy schoolhouse last winter.

Not the first time Fundy has inspired the muses (see the Art section of this blog), but the first time I recall an award-winning pop rock band recording here! This is my photo of the beach just down the road from where they were staying. Certainly a great location that seemed to do the trick - it sounds like an awesome album, check out In-Flight Safety's new album on their website.

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Unknown said...

Hi Terri,
i think I know where that pic was taken, as a friend and I went to the Cape Split look-off last summer--can't remember the name of the picnic/viewing site.

We also drove down the road to the former guest house/BnB.