Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bay of Fundy cruises

Although I dedicate lots of space here on my Bay of Fundy blog to rural and small town touring around our 'road less traveled', I also like a good dose of city - particularly our lovely coastal city of Saint John.

Seems I'm not alone....this New Brunswick city is going wild as a favourite port-of-call for cruise ships visiting the east coast of Canada. In the past 10 years this cheery, walkable city has grown cruise visits from 28,000 passengers aboard 24 vessels to 181,000 passengers aboard 80 vessels.

"Anchor in the Bay of Fundy" is the theme (happy smiles from me!) for cruise visitors to Saint John. There are lots of options for day trips to see various tidal phenomena. Judging by the article that appeared in the news this week, cruisers are hugely satisfied with the city, its friendliness and charm....awwww shucks!

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