Wednesday, June 24, 2009

MIgratory bird habitat now under protection

A goodly portion of the Bay of Fundy is rural & small town - the road less traveled - so not subject to massive amounts of development. Still, there are some areas of critically important habitat that warrant a higher level of protection. Johnson's Mills along the Bay of Fundy coast in New Brunswick is one such areas and Fundy nature types are happy to hear that more of this region has just been acquired by the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

This new 80 hectare purchase adds to the current 128 hectares protected by the Johnson's Mills Shorebird Reserve. This area, along with adjacent Mary's Point, is a critically important feeding area for migratory birds on their annual trek from the Arctic to South America (via Bay of Fundy and the west coast of Africa). Indeed an estimated 85% of the world's population of semi-palmated sandpipers stop here in Fundy every summer to pump up their weight on our tiny mud shrimp for their next non-stop flight.

Three cheers for the NCC for adding Johnson's Mills to their national protected areas!

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