Saturday, January 13, 2007

Road under water at Ministers Island

After posting my "100 billion tonnes" high/low tide photo a few days ago, I received these photos & a note from Susan at the Ministers Island Historic Site in St Andrews, New Brunswick.

This is my favorite high/low tide spot on the Bay of Fundy. The road to our island is fully exposed for several hours at low tide (we escort visitors over, just to be safe!) but then at high tide it is 14 to 17 feet under water. At high tide we really are an island in the traditional sense of the word. For sure this is one spot on the Bay of Fundy that is worth seeing at high tide then again 6 hours, 13 minutes later at low tide. People are astounded by the change!!

I hope Susan doesn't mind that I put in a little dotted line on the low tide photo to show the sea floor road. I've been over many times - it is very cool!

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