Sunday, January 14, 2007

Take a look at a tidal energy in-stream turbine

Further to previous posts about tidal energy, here's an interesting artist's rendition of the type of turbine that could be used to create in-stream tidal energy in the Bay of Fundy. Look to me very much like the modern wind turbines, only submerged. (photo borrowed from Marine Current Turbines website (U.K.))

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Brian Hayes said...

Hi Terri,
Thanks for your comment at my post on seabed power.

I was promoting 'ocean current' turbines during the 1980s and 90s with TR International, with Baker Engineering carrying the manufacturing.

These planned units were massive, designed to use what's known as "heavy iron" with huge gears as tall as 3 or 4 meters with one meter teeth and very long slow-motion blades. We were ahead of our time.

There are 1000s of low impact power generation sites, yet the glorious Bay of Fundy has been at the peak of attention for decades.

Happy scrambling!