Wednesday, August 13, 2008

McLobster anyone?

It's not only Bay of Fundy fish n' chip joints and modern bistros that get in the mood for developing local culinary delights each season; here you'll also witness such stalwarts as McDonald's shaking up its menu. Many of our fast food restaurants offer a limited-time-offer rendition of a Fundy favourite: the somewhat ordinary, but really quite tasty, "lobster roll".

The recipe is quite simple:

  • mix fresh lobster bits with mayo, salt & pepper
  • edge with lettuce
  • then fill a toasted or grilled hot dog bun.
In true McDonald's fashion the lobster roll is titled: "McLobster". Seasonal availability (usually just summer) is announced on the classic outdoor slotted billboard as evidenced by the photo I took this week.


Gretchen McCulloch said...

I've also seen some ads for lobster subs at Subway recently...looks like the McLobster has competition!

Bryan Sarauer said...

We recently visited from the prairies and saw both the McDonalds and the Subway lobster offerings advertised. We thought they were only available in the maritimes but upon our return home found that the subway lobster sandwich has followed us back. Thankfully, we did manage to avoid both large chain restaurants during our maritime stay, favouring more local establishments instead.

Terri said...

yeah, great ... the world needs more lobster!