Monday, August 25, 2008

Those little blue berries are back!

Visitors to the Bay of Fundy often think it's rather quaint that we grow and harvest wild blueberries. Indeed, at this time of year, it is delightful to look out across the woodland-edged, blue-tinted fields. ( Perhaps not so fun if you are one of the scoopers who hand rakes berries on hilly post-glacial drumlins such as these in my photo!).

Blueberries are also a huge industry here around the Bay of Fundy. The complete global harvest of wild blueberries occurs in our region (as well as the neighbouring Canadian province of Quebec and the U.S. state of Maine). When you eat wild blueberries anywhere in the world (tonnes of them even go to Asia), you're likely enjoying berries from our region.
For previous postings of blueberry recipes on my blog, take a look at the recipe section or search "blueberries" in the google search window on the left.

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