Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New adventure to Minister's Island

I've previously mentioned access to Minister's Island in St Andrews, New Brunswick, as one of the best places to appreciate several aspects of the tide. At low tide, visitors can walk or drive across the exposed beach from the mainland to the island; at high tide, that same stretch of beach is under a huge amount of water.

Until this year you had to scoot out to the island (less than 1 mile from the mainland) and back within the low tide time window (about 6 hrs). However, this summer you've got another option: a small (11 psgr) pontoon ferry has been added to enable you to motor over to the island at high tide then walk back at low tide (or vice versa). I tried this yesterday - lotsa fun!

The island is home to several walking trails (including one through a long, historic cedar hedge) as well as the former Van Horne Estate - now open to the public.

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