Friday, March 23, 2007

Saint John farmer's market

I had the good fortune to be in Saint John, New Brunswick this week for a few days of meetings.

A full city block in length, this amazing 125 year old Market runs downhill from the "head of the Market" on Charlotte Street, gently sloping to the Germain Street entrance, a full 20 feet below. At both entrances hang the same gates that have swung closed at the end of each business day since 1880.

Whenever I'm there I always make a point to stop by the City Market for fresh baguettes, odd fruit that I can't get at home in the country and, as you can see in this photo, a few fine fishes. It rates right up there in my 'must' experiences around the Bay of Fundy!

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Anonymous said...

I was there...keep up the good work