Friday, July 15, 2011

Right whale research gets a boost

If you've purchased gas at any Irving station in our region lately you may have seen a nice poster of Moira Brown and her whale research initiative with staff and students from the New England Aquarium. Moira is certainly no stranger to our bay: she's been researching whales and whale habitat here for decades and she was instrumental in working with industry to reroute shipping lanes through the Bay of Fundy. Our Right whale population has rebounded to about 450. Get more info about the partnership between the New England Aquarium and Irving or watch this video! on this website.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Go ahead, get muddy!

One of our favourite surprises for families visiting from outside the region is to take them to the beach. Surely not an uncommon activity for those living in coastal Atlantic Canada but a few of our beaches are a little 'different' here on the Bay of Fundy. One of my favourites is the beach at Five Islands Provincial Park in Nova Scotia. This is the site of the annual Not Since Moses race across the ocean floor but it's also a local swimming and mud-sliding spot. I snapped a couple photos this weekend as evidence!

Friday, July 01, 2011

Crazy Saint Johners make Giant 7

There's certainly LOTS of excitement about the Bay of Fundy representing Canada in the global New7Wonders of Nature campaign. In fact, folks in the Fundy city of Saint John, New Brunswick, are so excited about 700 of them decided to turn up on the waterfront a couple days ago to form a giant human 7. Check out this time-lapse video... Gooooooooo Fundy!