Monday, February 13, 2012

Exploring Fundy "icefalls" - don't try this at home!

It's a matter of some debate as to whether Fundyites are more or less inclined to be cautious around our tidal coasts than visitors. Really, with all the experience we've had with close calls and, sadly, sometimes misses, you'd think....

But sometimes familiarity breeds excess confidence - such as a few years ago when a Fundy high school teacher & students ended up making a 'human chain' through chest-high tidal waters. Seems they got trapped by the incoming tides in a cove after taking a badly perceived short-cut along the beach from a coastal cliff hike!

I got goofing around this weekend at low tide beach with the enchanting 'icefalls' spurting off the, in this instance, with 1000s of lbs of ice over my head, I may fairly be voted as one of the 'not so bright' locals. Still, I lived to tell the tale but I wouldn't suggest trying this!!

(and drinking from the melting ice? not so swift!)