Monday, April 02, 2007

It's maple season here on Bay of Fundy

Well, so much for winter! The last couple weeks of warm winds and melting snow have heralded the arrival of "Sugar Season" on the Bay of Fundy....maple sugar season! Many families like ours have been tapping Sugar Maple trees here for generations.

We've a maple sugar making family in the upper part of the Bay of Fundy for over 100 years. We only tap about 4000 trees (fairly small amount compared with some other farms) but that's enought to keep our family, our town, our visitors and quite a few restaurants in Halifax supplied with real maple syrup for a year.

By the way, we jokingly call imitation table syrup telephone pole syrup since it compares that unfavourably with the real stuff!


Bloggopotamus said...

I remember as a child on a school field trip going to a maple syrup farm and overdosing on syrup related wares while I was there. Incredible taste when it's real and fresh. Are there many maple syrup farms in your area?

Terri said...

Yes, I think most of us in Atlantic Canada have fond memories of this country tradition. And there is nothing like the taste of syrup to bring the memories flooding back. yes, I'm aware of about a dozen maple producers in our county. There is also a handy provincial map on the Nova Scotia maple producer's website that shows where the various producers are located!

Anonymous said...

Hi...I like your blog...I was in STJNB last Sept...I was on the Carnival Victory...I got some maple syrup and blueberry wine at the Farmer's Market......liked your burg.....and I found out later that Harp beer is brewed there :)