Thursday, June 07, 2007

Celebrating Environment Week Fundy-style

Here is an interesting way to celebrate Nova Scotia's annual environment week: buy the most environmentally friendly outboard engines available! Well, that really is a good choice for a whale watch tour operator. Tom Goodwin of Ocean Explorations Zodiac Whale Cruises in Tiverton, NS, is starting his 2007 season with brand new Honda four stroke outboards (ultra low emission)! The company regularly "refreshes" the outboards for both dependability and reduced impact on the environment.

Biologist Tom's Ocean Explorations Zodiac Whale Cruises business is one of the most environmentally friendly with whom I've ever come in contact. Tom owns the original hybrid car (2000 Honda Insight), buys wind energy, the business has solar heating, and donates alot of money to environmental and conservation groups (well before 'green became keen' in the past few months).

P.S. That's humpback whale flipping up its pectoral fin beside Tom's zodiac!!

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