Thursday, July 05, 2007

"Not Since Moses" run across the ocean floor

Just when I thought I'd heard everything along comes a new, wildly zany yet oddly spiritual event: the first annual Not Since Moses run across the Bay of Fundy's ocean floor.

Happening this Saturday, July 7, in Five Islands, Nova Scotia, the aptly named Not Since Moses is reminiscent of Moses' biblical parting of the Red Sea. For awhile at low tide the ocean floor linking the islands to the coastal village is fully exposed (see photo). This, with proper planning and guidance by a local, is enabling a fully organized 10 k run and a 5 k walk. Yikes - don't ever try this on your own!!

Owner of one of the islands, Dick Lemon, is the originator and organizer of the event. Lemon, from California, purchased Long Island in 2003 to build Five Islands Retreat, a “restorative place for writers, musicians, artists and other interesting people.”

I chatted with Dick this week about the run. He's convinced the Not Since Moses will become a world famous running event and, after hearing more about it, so am I!


Unknown said...

Pure genius!

I love your blog, Terri. I stumbled across it a while ago. Being from St. George, NB, I really appreciate your beautiful photos of the Bay. Thanks!

Tara @ Feels Like Home said...

What a great photo!

Victoria said...

i was in the run and i even met dick. i have amzing thoughts and stories if you email me at ps-ill write back

Victoria said...

i was in the run and i even met dick!! write me at and ill share my awesome adventure!!! ps ill write back