Friday, August 10, 2007

Actual site of highest recorded Fundy tides

Yikes! I neglected to mention one more very interesting location for seeing the tides around the Bay of Fundy: the site where the highest tides in the world measurement was taken! The record was set at Burncoat Head, near Maitland, Nova Scotia. Burncoat Head Community Park consists of a great little park and restored lighthouse/interpretive centre. Here you can walk on the beach at low tide, view the tides from the lookoff, and explore the many smooth sandstone rock formations. The rock formations are so intriguing here that Burncoat Head looks like a moonscape (see photos). All rock formations become small islands at high tide of course. The normal tidal range here is about 15 metres or 50 feet. The record here is 17 metres or 56 feet.

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