Monday, September 26, 2011

Hooray for sardines!

It's great to see a previously unsung Bay of Fundy food product finally getting it's due: sardines! Now that Omega-3s and foods with essential fatty acids are popular, sardines are becoming the trendy new health food.

Here around the Bay of Fundy we've been eating canned sardines for over 100 years - thanks to really good producers like Brunswick sardines. The Connors brothers in Black's Harbour, New Brunswick, have been canning seafood since 1889.

The company still thrives: stocking not only the shelves of all Canadian grocery stores but supplying sardines and other fishy stuff to over 40 countries.

A love of sardines has become the unofficial way of screening compatibility for a new staff in our office. We were worried about the new chick from Alberta last year but, no fear, she arrived on Day 2 with mustard sardines in her lunch!


Elisabeth said...

Hello! I am happy to find such a wonderful, informative blog. I am a musician and I'm going to be traveling to the northeast coast of N. America and am trying to find the right place to go to. Specifically I would like to draw and photograph tidepools for my album. Do you know about whether there are many on the Bay of Fundy (I'd imagine so, but I don't know much about them actually) or if not, where I might find them? I'd so appreciate any help. Cheers! Elisabeth -

Anonymous said...

Well, Terri, looks like I won't be joining your staff anytime soon. Choleena, on the other hand, loves her canned sardines.

I make her leave the room when she's eating them. :-)

Terri said...

haha - I always knew I liked that gal!!

Jessica said...

I wanted to bring to your attention an exciting new documentary titled The Last Sardine Outpost. The film will have its national TV broadcast debut on Sunday, January 22, 2012 at 12 Noon on CBC TV’s Land & Sea.

The film explores the world of sardines - the silvery fish from the Bay of Fundy that are nature’s superfood. It takes you inside the planet's largest - and North America’s last remaining - sardine cannery, Connors Bros. in Blacks Harbour, New Brunswick. The town has been billed as the “Sardine Capital of the World”, but the cannery is facing huge challenges that are putting this title, and the community’s livelihood, at risk.

Check out the film preview and tune in this Sunday at 12 Noon.