Monday, October 29, 2007

Bay of Fundy tidal power developments

Longtime readers of my blog will know that I've been following possible development of Bay of Fundy tidal power for awhile now. Since I was a kid here on the Bay there has been a drastic move away from attempting to barricade tides and instead, as technology has advanced, much less invasive wave and in-stream tidal power concepts have now been developed and tested elsewhere in the world.

I was pleased to see that Maritime Tidal Energy, one of the companies investigating in-stream tidal power for the Bay of Fundy, just announced a partnership with the U.K.'s leader in tidal power development, Marine Current Turbines.

Marine Current Turbines have been great innovators in environmentally friendly in-stream tidal power projects such as for the Bristol Channel and, recently, for Northern Ireland. Tidal power is still a long way off for the Bay of Fundy (proposals are now requested for the first test turbines) but it appears that a such alliance could help move the concept in the right direction a bit sooner. I'm expecting to go over to the U.K. for a tourism exchange in '08, I wonder how easy it would be to take a peek at tidal power too!

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Anonymous said...

Nice site- I remain very interested in this tidal power project as I own a cottage at Bass River ( in the Cobequid Bay or Minas Basin). A strong supporter of this technology, I plan to visit the Rance River tidal power site in France in May, 2008 - as part of a longer stay in France.Certainly will continue to check into your blog to keep up with things. Although I am now a dual citizen living in Atlanta, I spent my childhood summers in Bass River and know the beautiful tides, marshes, birds, fish, and even the clams very well . That's why I contine to spend my summers in Bass River, NS and hope the tidal power project is able to overcome the challenges to permitting that lay ahead. Naysayers are everywhere these days so it's time for yes-sayers to step up !!
Hal Bartlett