Saturday, November 03, 2007

Calm before the storm

Thought I'd better get a blog post in today - the tail end of a hurricane is on its way up the Atlantic coast heading straight for the Bay of Fundy. Aye, 'twil be a fine nor'easter but hopefully nothing like the Saxby Gale!

We don't get nearly as many hurricanes on the east coast of Canada as they do in the southern USA but we can usually count on a couple of autumn gales as well a a few really good winter snow storms. I went down to the Bay this morning at high tide and the seas were already starting to get heavy.

This time it sounds like we'll be spared significant coastal flooding from Hurricane Noel because the tide will be out (low tide is at 2:30 am) when worst of the storm passes through late tonight. Remember: at low tide the water is over 1 km off the coast in the upper part of the Bay so this makes a big difference during a nasty storm!! Here's a link to the Atlantic Hurricane office (Environment Canada) website if you'd like to see the forecast! I'll blog the news after the power comes back on....

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