Sunday, January 20, 2008

High to low Bay of Fundy tide in 55 seconds

In an effort to help folks figure out how this whole Bay of Fundy tide thing works, I've found myself collecting both high/low photo sets and time lapse videos. I know...most people collect stamps or spoons, but hey, each to her or his own. I did some surfing on YouTube this weekend and located this great little time lapse video taken last summer from a great clifftop vantage point. It really gives a sense of the volume of water moving into the bay on one tide cycle. Take notice particularly at the end when the Bay appears to be filling up like a bathtub! Click on these links or use the side menu to see more videos or high-low pics.


Malcolm said...

very nice

Amy Gooch said...

I'm a professor in computer science writing a research paper and I'm looking for some aligned pictures of high and low tide to illustrate a concept. I found your page in a google search and am wondering if you'd be willing to let me use your images from your video in my paper (I will credit the original source images to you).

Please contact me as soon as possible.


Terri said...

hi Amy, well yes you can feel free to use any of my photos in the high.low section of my blog. but this video isn't mine...just found it on YouTube so you'd have to check with the person who posted it if you want to use it. The still photos on this blog are mine or, if not, they are credited to their owner with a link.