Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sea kayaking at Advocate Hbr/Cape Chignecto Park, NS

You'll want to pay attention to this kayaking recommendation because this is the only kayaking company based on the Nova Scotia side of the Bay of Fundy.

Nova Shores Adventures operates out of the beautiful village of Advocate Harbour, with tours focusing on the coast surrounding Cape Chignecto Provincial Park. There are definitely some secluded beaches, rock formations, cliff arches and coves that you can only explore in this part of Fundy by kayak. Nova Shores does half-day, day and multi-day tours.

Owners Else Marie and Werner have a vast amount of experience offering kayak tours. Nova Shores orginally offered excursions along the coast near Peggy's Cove (outside Halifax - about 2.5 hrs from Fundy!) but when Else Marie and Werner started personally kayaking this part of the Fundy coast they liked it so much that they packed up and moved there!

(BTW tours are still offered by their great staff at the Dover location for Peggy's Cove area).


Jaime at Cactus Rock New Media said...

Hi Terri,

Love the blog. I should stop by more often. I have added the link to the Canadian Tourism Blog.

More than any other media, your blog has convinced me that I should come to the Bay of Fundy as soon as possible (if not this summer, definitely next)

Jaime Horwitz

Anonymous said...

My Mother is from Spencer's Island (the next "village" to Advocate) and I spent most summers there as a child. This area is so beautiful that it still owns my heart all these years later. I highly recommend that everyone visit this "undiscovered" part of Nova Scotia. I'm definitely planning to do a kayaking tour sometime soon.

Beverley Benteau