Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fisherman lands massive lobster

I've previously shared some interesting lobster catches from the Bay of Fundy, such as last December's blue lobster and last January's half n' half lobster, but this week it wasn't a lobster's colour that made the news but rather its size. A lobsterman in our bay landed his biggest ever catch in a long career of lobster fishing: a 10 kg (approx. 22 lb), 100-year old lobster.

This fine specimin, dubbed "Big Dee Dee" was caught near Deer Island, New Brunswick but in temporary residence at a seafood shop in the region.

After Big Dee Dee made the national news this week, a country-wide bidding war ensued:
an Ontario woman slapped down $3,500 yesterday, eyeing a family feast. (Sorry lady but everyone knows that the bigger the lobster, the tougher....)

A Vancouver woman with the support of some humane society friends bid higher and she intends to fly down to release the lobster back into the Bay.

The Big Fish Seafood shop has been welcoming about 100 visitors a day since Big Dee Dee arrived but, alas, she can't live forever in captivity. As much as I like a good feed of lobster, I say let the old fella enjoy his retirement years where he belongs: in the Bay, not on the table!

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Anonymous said...

Nice lobster, you may enjoy some of the pictures I've captured here on our lobster dock in Gloucester Mass of mutated lobster and crabs-

You can check out the double clawed lobster, albino, half blue, double and triple clawed crabs and other freaks of the lobster and crab world here-

I can't believe someone was willing to pay $3500 for that lobster! Holy smokes.
Love your blog, from just a tad bit south, Joey In Gloucester