Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mud Creek Days

Bay of Fundy folk may be more fond of mud than your average coastal dwellers. You see, when the tide is low, we get to see all kinds of interesting textures on the ocean floor: rock reefs, pebbles, cobbles, sandstone boulders, sand dunes, and, in some areas, gooey mud!

The folks in the Fundy town of Wolfville, Nova Scotia, are so fond of mud that they have an annual festival named after it: Mud Creek Days. It's a week's worth of good, old-fashioned hometown fun: concerts, readings, teas, art shows, and fireworks, but it's highlighted by two really neat mud-themed events: the Chocolate Mud Dessert contest (today at 7 pm) and the annual Mud Creek Sports Challenge (tomorrow) - for which they have a national corporate sponsor!!

Teams do all kinds of fun sporting events in the mud for a few hours to raise funds for a local youth sports organization. Here's a photo of low tide in the chocolatey muddy Wolfville harbour!


Anonymous said...

Yay Mud Creek days!

Fundy mud just kind of grows on you, I think.

(Your picture isn't showing up for me, either in my feed reader or on the original post.)

Terri said...

yikes, something's messed up there with the photo...weird. I will check & fix.

Terri said...

Photo all fixed... strange...musta been the Fundy fog!!