Friday, August 08, 2008

Cool new outdoor exhibits at Fundy National Park

I think we’re very lucky to have a system of national parks, national historic sites and marine conservation areas in Canada that is recognized one of the finest and most extensive in the world. The Bay of Fundy's Fundy National Park (Alma, New Brunswick) is one of Canada’s oldest and most popular; it was established in 1948 and attracts about a quarter million visitors annually!

Fundy National Park just launched a multi-year “EcoIntegrity” project to educate visitors through new interpretative experiences. Part of this new program is new insight into park ecosystems, natural beauty and cultural contexts through more engaging exhibits. One of the first new sets of interpretive panels were unveiled last week in the park at Hueston Brook. What’s behind the New Brunswick tartan curtain being unveiled at the ribbon cutting ? Well, why not go to Fundy National Park to find out!

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